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Cranbury Park Tree Identification Project

As you walk through the park you’ll notice that some of the trees now have signs identifying them by their English and Latin names along with an indication of whether they are native or non-native and invasive. This project was conceived and planned by member Ellen Tully. The project has been funded by a generous grant from The Friendship Fund, a private foundation located in New York.

Something of a tree identification expert herself, Ellen put together a team that includes board member and Arborist James McLaughlin and Jon Borysiewicz, an Arborist with Bartlett Arboretum.

Ellen, Jon, James and Duffle

Some weeks ago Ellen, James and Jon surveyed the parks trees near the mansion, in the orchard and along the Allee.  Jon then went back to the Arboretum and produced 50 tree identification signs using equipment available there. Jon charged us a minimal rate for the signs and donated his time for all of the trips to Cranbury and his consultations with Ellen and James.

On a cold and blustery day in January Ellen, James, Jon and Ursula accompanied by Duffel and Honey grabbed hammers and trudged through the snow to place identification signs on 40+ trees. They were unable to attach all 50 signs since some of the trees were too small to have signs attached and some they could no longer identify in their winter guise:  stakes will be used for the former and a wait until spring for both.

Ellen and her team plan to continue this project with additional trees including trees along the park’s forest trails. And the final step in Ellen’s project will be to identify native and invasive plants in our beloved park.

We want to thank Ellen and her team for making our park visits even more interesting by enlightening us about our park’s trees. The identification signs will be educational and will help us even better appreciate the wide variety of species in our already favorite park.

We might even be able to persuade Ellen to oversee the creation of a garden of the parks native plants for all park visitors to learn from and enjoy.


Comment from Rex poggenpohl
Time February 13, 2012 at 12:12 pm

I am a Member of the Estes Park (Colorado) Tree Board researching ways to identify trees in our arboretum and legacy tree programs. Who can tell me about the fabrication of your tree signs.

Thanks and regards, … Rex Poggenpohl