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2011 Cranbury Cranberry Bake Sale a Hit!

I’m not sure I can pinpoint when exactly I realized this would not be “just” another Friends of Cranbury Park bake sale – if there even is such a thing. When, instead, it became a bake sale on steroids.

I got a glimmer from Jen D’Andraia, who emailed me to say that although she and her (growing) family are now living in Ridgefield, she’d be happy to bake for us anyway.

I got another from Rosaria Konstantin, recovering from back surgery but eager to participate once again.

And yet another came from Holly “I’m Not a Baker” Cuzzone, who promised us six pumpkin cranberry breads.

By bake sale eve, Saturday, we knew this would be our best one yet – even before our newest Friend, Aimee

Hwang Russo, brought us ten pizza boxes, each containing a warm pumpkin pie.

And so it went. The donations kept on coming even beyond noon the next day, when we opened our doors to the biggest crowd we’d yet faced on Bake Sale Day. Supporters and friends of Friends descended on our lavish displays of pies, cakes, cookies, chocolates, muffins, cupcakes and more. By the time we closed the doors again, we had taken in $3,526.25, a new record.

As always, we have many Friends to thank.

Special mention is due Janet “Feathers” Coughenour and Lisa “The Scissors” Mendelson for beautifying everything they touched, from the library mantel to the very last muffin. Once again, our bake sale was drop-dead gorgeous because they worked very hard to make it that way.

Bravo to this year’s high-volume bakers. In addition to Ms. Russo, we applaud FCP President Celia Maddox, her mother, Patsy Dodds, FCP Secretary Ursula Caterbone, and our good Friends Dianne Gilmore and Ellen Tully. You six were responsible for a truly staggering quantity of delectable edibles.

We thank Laurie Brown yet again for donating a generous assortment of outstanding books enabling us to sell them for a song.

Thanks to Marti Coleman, who made the day a little sweeter for countless chocoholics with her much-loved hand-crafted butter crunch. And to Leslie Vincent, whose red pepper jelly has become a yummy FCP Bake Sale tradition.

Along with Marti, we thank Dianne Gilmore and Margee Rogers for running the Cranberry Café with their usual good humor and panache. Thanks to Mark Berns for documenting the day in photos. Thanks to Jeff Conrad, Amy Phillips and Ursula Caterbone for manning the till and handling the opening crush with aplomb.

Helping me help our shoppers were Susan Garland, Joan Cronin, and Roberta Schneider-Berman. Thank you, Friends. And thank you, Marcia Ciambriello, for showing up both Saturday and Sunday and doing a little bit of everything that needed to be done.

For invaluable help with the heavy lifting, we have lots of people to thank: Recreation and Parks Department employees Harold and Beverly Coswell, and FCP members Rob Anderson, Mark Berns, Ellis Cooper and Chris Greene, better known to some of us as Bear’s dad.

Coming as it does so close to Thanksgiving, our bake sale is a timely reminder of how lucky we are to live in a place of such beauty, surrounded by people like you. We wish you all holidays filled with blessings, along with sweet treats and good Friends.

Nancy Shulins