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Friends & Young Astronauts Clean Up at Cranbury Park

Dear Friends,

The park clean-up Saturday 6/16 was one of the best on record, not only because the day was an impossibly beautiful one for working outdoors, nor because the turnout—more than 60 people—was thrilling. The loveliest vision was of so many new faces among our volunteers, and the presence of FCP’s new partners, the Young Astronauts of Columbus School. Although the YAs have undertaken several planting days in the park on their own, Saturday was the first FCP/YA joint project since our official partnering. Those fifth grade faces, and those of their parents, really brightened the landscape—not to mention our age demographic.

Thanks to Andrei Tallodi for documenting the event.

With the several new friends who joined FCP on Saturday, our membership is now 495! We’re a pretty impressive community group.

We focused on the south parking area, which had grown shabby, by removing the blight of fallen tree limbs and brush, refreshing the chips along the dog entry and in the Orchard, pulling weeds and refurbishing the watering areas. Leslie and Jay Vincent worked ‘on location,’ pruning the Montauk daisies along the entry road.

Our chips ran out before our energy did. Quite a few people suggested a second clean-up in early autumn, where we would fill in the chip gap, give the Montauks their official fall pruning and maybe target a portion of one of the trails. Our work morning could coincide with the Astronauts plan for a daffodil planting project, and the whole thing would be followed by yet another picnic.

Let me know if you’re up for that.

I’ve tried to list below the names of everyone present. I’m sure that some people were too busy to sign the sheet—and a few were illegible—but thanks to every one of you who made it out last week. Your efforts have made an immense difference in the appearance and the general vibe of our favorite park.

Ruth Ahlers; Julie Alleyne; Sandra, Dennis & Matthew Alvarado; Lisa, Ian, Lucas & Kyle Asanovic; Mark Berns; Annalisa, Elena & Ava Breisler; Brent Buckley; Diane & Julian Cano; Ursula Caterbone; Marcia Ciambrello; Marti Coleman; Jeff Conrad; Janet Coughenour; Wil deSola; Daneilla DiBlasio; Tony diMeglio; Diane & Hanna Felber; David Gable; Rose Gatto; Dianne Gilmore; Leslie Istenull; Carole & Tom Kaye; Rep. Gail Lavielle; Celia Maddox; Janice Mallozzi; Lula Matthaei; James McLoughlin; Andrew Pearce; David Pearson; Amy Phillips; Aimee, Vince, Chris, Ben, Jay & Victoria Russo; Nancy Shulins; Gail Sirota; Andrei Tallodi; Leslie & Jay Vincent; Amanda & Dave Wasserman; Hank Watkins; Steve, Ryan & Dawn Whitney; Justin, Holden & Paxton Zerega. And to the illegible. You know who you are.

Celia & the FCP Board

PS FOUND: women’s brown sunglasses. LOST: grey sunglass case/bag. These two should get together.